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Reflect BSL is a Deaf-run organisation based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, providing services throughout the region. We were established with Deaf people in mind and have the knowledge and expertise to provide the right amount of choice and access for all the community. We are committed to ensuring Deaf people receive the highest standard of provision (through the services we offer).

Our Services

Our services include the provision of Sign Language Interpreters, Advocates, Intermediaries, and a range of other Language Professionals.

In addition, we run a range of accredited British Sign Language courses, ideal for people interested in learning sign language or those wanting to pursue a career working with Deaf people.

We have found that by engaging with the organisation and the Deaf customer, this is the most efficient way of providing an excellent service for all.

Each service is designed to reflect the specific needs of an individual or organisation. By advocating, and providing language support, we are acknowledging the importance of BSL and reflecting this back to the community as a whole.

In a supportive role, whether this is advocating, interpreting, or acting as intermediary, we are the back-up that allows a person to communicate their own needs. Offering a choice to our customers is at the heart of everything we do.

For example, if a Deaf person going to court is culturally and linguistically disadvantaged, we work to make sure the person understands the process and the information being given.

For details on each of our services, please click on the appropriate tab or the corresponding link on your right.

If you would like to book any of our professional services, please visit our bookings page and complete the appropriate query.

Our Terms of Business can be found here.

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