New beginnings

It’s the first week of September and whether school, college or university, it’s a week where students begin their courses, explore new beginnings and enter a whole new chapter of their lives. As a tutor I see a diverse number of students in my classrooms, and this is an exciting time for me too. There will be new faces, renewed passion in the learning environment and a shared understanding that we are all here to learn.

In my experience those initial nerves don’t last long, and I get to watch my students blossom over time. They are learning something new, a rich and beautiful language, and though it is difficult in the beginning, the end result is worth the effort. My students come from all different walks of life, but the thing they have in common is their desire to share the experience with one another. I learn from them too. Not only am I sharing my culture, but I’m exploring theirs.

We are entering the new round of enrolments for our courses, so if you would like more information, or visit our training section and complete an application. I look forward to seeing you in a future class!

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