Note Takers

As a student it is normal practice to make pertinent notes based on what the teacher is saying, and write down any important references. A Deaf student, who is accessing a BSL/English interpreter, is unable to do this. In order to take notes it would mean breaking-eye contact and valuable information is missed. This is where a note-taker comes in.

A note-takers role is to write a précised version of what the teacher is saying. They don’t put their own spin on it, nor do they interpret the information, they merely jot down a summary of the words the teacher has used, any useful asides and references etc. It is then the Deaf student’s responsibility to read through the notes and choose information they feel relevant. It is also a reminder of what has been discussed.

Note-takers often work with BSL/English interpreters and other communication professionals to provide a support package based on the needs of the individual.

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